Ideas For Styling An Open Concept House

The interior design industry is expected to increase by 0.6 percent by this year, according to IBIS World. This may be due to the rising need for interior designers in both residential and commercial spaces. Interior designers know just how to transform any space into a livable habitat using the latest trends in the industry. Whether homeowners want to make their interiors more modern or have a more rustic appeal, interior designers are the specialists to trust. But what about designing an open concept house? Designers have several recommendations on how to make this style more appealing.

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Consider A Multipurpose Design

The classic layout of living room, dining, and kitchen is one concept that will not go out of style. Design specialists at Paradisa Homes assert that the should always be considered when designing an open concept home. By placing anchor pieces such as sofas, dining tables, and even kitchen counters both parallel or perpendicular to each other, it is possible to create a sleek and functional space to move around. To unite all the pieces, the colors and materials must remain consistent for all areas.

Apply Symmetry For Expansive Spaces

Expansive spaces can be tough to design. However, there is a way to get around this and that is by applying symmetry by using larger furniture pieces. Double up the sofas with a large dining table that is complemented by matching chairs can create a more unified look. Smaller items can then be introduced into the available space while framed photographs can be hung on the walls in groups of six. A color palette of neutral and natural colors can help make any space appear lighter and airy too.

Create Conversation Areas

Rugs are one of the easiest decorations to incorporate into open floor plans to create individualized spaces and separation. It is possible to cover the entire room with a single rug, such as natural fiber, to tie up the living room and the formal room. Hide rugs can then be added to create a delineation between the formal seating near the fireplace and the more laid back living area. This style is ideal for homes that are leaning towards more eclectic designs since the layered rugs can help create a more unified look that will fit the rest of the furnishings and decorations.

Consider A Modern Great Room

Great rooms that are composed of living and dining areas can have a modern feel to them without sacrificing sophistication. There is no need to use prints, deep colors, or even patterns to create a modern great room. One way to make this space work together is by introducing lighter colored furniture pieces, such simple but bright colored sofas with crystals and golds as accent pieces. Abstract arts can be placed on the walls to combine the living and dining areas easily. The color combination of gold, white, and blond-wood can help soften any harsh architectural details.

Consider Wood Designs

Although large furniture pieces such as banquet tables and leather sofas can fill out any open floor plan easily, using wooden furniture pieces can work as well. Wooden furniture that have slender silhouettes not only create an airy feel to the space, but their slender design allows more leg room around them. It is possible to include compact work desks too in the available space without worrying about the area being crowded.

Open concept homes are becoming popular nowadays as they let families bond together even if they are in different areas of the house. Designing this space, however, can be tricky for some, but the design ideas mentioned above may help transform any open space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing home.

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