‘Ice Boy’ Receives Over $15,000 in Donations after Photo Goes Viral

His classmates had a good laugh at the boy whose hair was frozen in the snow but little did they all know that this would pave the way for him to have a better life and for his school to also receive much-needed donations for winter clothes and classroom heating.

Earlier this week, 8-year-old Wang Fuman earned social media fame after his teacher posted a photo of him with completely frozen hair and flushed cheeks after he walked 3 miles in the snow. The impoverished kid and his family live in a mud hut and could not afford to buy proper winter clothes.

Photo credit: Asia Wire / LAD Bible

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Boy Goes to School with Frozen Hair after Walking 3 Miles in the Snow

Young Fuman’s determination to go to school despite the difficulty he faced has earned him praise on social media. But many netizens did not just express their admiration, a lot also began asking how they could possible help the kid.

Days later, county officials arrived at the school carrying donations from the local Communist youth league and youth development foundation. The first round of donations amounted to 100,000 yuan ($15,350).

Aside from donations given to Fuman, his schoolmates also got 500 yuan ($77) in ‘winter subsidies’ as well as warm clothing items such as gloves and bonnets to keep them warm.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

The school actually provides breakfast and lunch for the kids but the rooms do not have heating; thus, the local officials have also pledged to provide equipment to ensure the kids wouldn’t freeze inside the rooms.

Because Fuman’s dad is a migrant worker, a local construction company offered him a job in town to ensure he doesn’t have to work and live far away from his family.

It is expected that more donations will pour in for Fuman and his family as well as the school, Zhuanshanbao Primary School in Xinjie Town, Yunnan Province.

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