Husband’s Tribute to Overworked Trauma Nurse Wife Goes Viral

As the loving husband of a trauma nurse, Bobby Wesson knew just how important his wife’s job is, how dedicated she is to her work, and how difficult it can be for her to deal with all these stuff and come home to enjoy their family at the end of the shift.

He understands the nature of her job and knew that she deals with all kinds of people with varying problems. He has been on the receiving end of various stories but there were also plenty of experiences she refused to talk about – and he respects that…

It is obvious from his Facebook post that he loves his wife very much and that he adores her. He calls her a “hero”. The post struck a nerve – and quickly went viral. Within a week after he posted it, the Facebook post already had over 100,000 shares and 285,000 likes!

Everyone showed their support for this hero nurse and her understanding family, knowing that her work is truly incredible and that she must have saved countless lives in her job.

The post was perhaps intended for an audience of one, his wife Rayena, yet this beautifully written tribute touched the hearts of countless people across the world, making us feel thankful for the men and women who put their lives on the line or strive hard to keep people safe so that these patients can survive and get back to their own families.

Their works are rarely recognized but they remain steadfast to their jobs because of dedication.

This touching post also reminds us to appreciate our partners – even if they sometimes ignore us because they were too tired at work and at being a hero…

What do you think of Bobby’s post?

This is my wife taking a nap. In an hour she will wake up, put on her scrubs and get ready for work.

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Posted by Bobby Wesson on Saturday, November 7, 2015

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