Husband has Unique Way of Showing Devotion to Blind but Independent Wife

Marriage is the blessed union of two souls. Two people commit to each other, promising to love each other through sickness and health.

In the video created by the Jubilee Project, the wife was going blind because of a medical condition. She does not want to be a burden to her husband, so she did not tell him about it at first. Then, when he already knew, she refused to accept his help. She wants to show him that she is still worth his love and affection – that she is his wife, not his patient.

For a husband dealing with such a situation, it would be quite difficult to know what must be done to make his wife feel loved yet without making her feel she was being pitied. She wants love, not pity.

Thankfully, the man was able to find the best solution…


Defined by Wikipedia as the condition of poor visual perception, the reality of blindness is difficult to accept, especially in people who were not born with the condition.

A person can go blind because of a number of reasons. A significant portion of blind people have lost their vision because of ailments or conditions related to aging; however, there are also those who have been blind since birth because of congenital conditions which may have prevented proper eyesight development.

Accidents that bring trauma to the eyes or brain cells controlling eyesight could also cause temporary or permanent blindness. And just like the woman in the video, blindness could occur in kids or young adults because of a medical condition.

Oftentimes, blindness is irreversible. Most people who go blind learn to deal with their condition and accept that they won’t have a chance to see again. A lot have lived mostly “normal” lives with the aid of guide dogs or dedicated loved ones like the husband in this heartwarming video.