Husband Starves Self to Feed Wife Bitten by a Snake

When he vowed at the altar that he would love her in sickness and in health, one man from Thailand did not know that this vow would be challenged one day when his wife would suffer from muscle atrophy after getting bitten by a snake.

The loving husband said, “We previously vowed to walk this life together. My wife is the most important person in my life, and I will never abandon her.

Unable to go far and work for long hours as there was no one to care for his wife, the husband had to ask help from their neighbors who willingly shared their blessings. They would get around 700 baht ($20) in aid from their neighbors each month.

Photo credit: Stomp

Because the money was too little, the husband further sacrificed himself by feeding his wife first. He willingly starved and ate only what was left over from her meal to ensure that she will live!

I may not have a beautiful house or car, but I have dedicated my heart and soul to my wife, and will never go back on my word,” he gallantly said.

Netizens would learn of the couple’s plight from the Facebook post of a certain Worranan Sarasalin. Several kindhearted people collected donations and visited the couple to provide them with food and other basic needs.

Photo credit: Stomp

A fundraising campaign was also launched by the locals to ensure that the family will get more help in the future.

Other netizens also suggested that the man bring his wife to the hospital so she could be provided with proper care. He was too poor for that before but now that netizens are pitching in to help, maybe that can also be arranged…

What is Muscle Atrophy?

Muscle atrophy is a medical condition wherein there is a wasting away of muscle due to lack of physical activity or some serious medical condition, such as a snake bite or even being bed-ridden for months.

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