How to Unstick Your Superglued Fingers Using Salt

Superglue can actually make your fingers stick together – and trying to break the bond apart that can be so painful, if you just pull your fingers away from each other! But you don’t have to worry because you can easily unstick your superglued fingers using salt.

How to Unstick Your Superglued Fingers

Everyone who has ever used superglue knows how sticky it can be on most surfaces, even skin! But everyone also knows how difficult it can be to remove it from your skin or other items that it had stuck to – that’s why it is known as superglue!

But even the stickiest of all superglues can be still be removed from your fingers, using ingredients and items that are surprisingly easy to find at home.

Salt is by far the cheapest yet among the most effective materials you can use to remove superglue from surfaces or unstick superglued fingers.

Salt can easily dissolve the strong bonds of super glue,” wrote Brother Jambang as he posted a video on his Twitter account.

In the video shared on the post, someone puts superglue on their fingers to prove how easy it is to remove superglued fingers using just salt and water. Just seconds after the superglue was placed on this person’s thumb and index finger, the two were stuck together.

At this point, one might panic at the thought of getting the fingers unstuck, but the person in the video did not mind. A liberal amount of salt was poured unto the stuck portion and the fingers were placed in a bowl of water.

Just a few moments of soaking the fingers into the water and trying to rub the two with each other resulted in getting the two unstuck! A few more rubs showed the layers of superglue getting fully removed from the person’s fingers like magic. Cool, isn’t it?

What is in Superglue?

Superglue is a type of adhesive material made from cyanoacrylates. Standard superglue usually contains 00% ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate but other formulations are also used, including some that include hydroquinone and polymethyl methacrylate.

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