How to Get Rid of UTI with Just One Simple Home Remedy

Urinary tract infection (shortened as UTI) is a medical condition characterized by the presence of bacteria in the urinary tract (thus its name).

While most cases of UTI cause severe pain especially when urinating, pelvic pain, and fever, there are also a number of times when the patient does not exhibit any outward symptom but is already suffering from this condition!

Other symptoms of UTI include strong- or foul-smelling urine, cloudy urine, frequent urge to urinate even if the bladder is empty, and frequent passing of small amounts of urine.

There are a number of reasons why a patient suffers UTI, including holding urine for long periods of time, poor hygiene, and using a catheter.

Because UTI can sometimes be overlooked, especially if the patient does not show its usual symptoms, there is a danger for the kidneys to be affected because the bacteria thriving in the urinary tract could move up to the kidneys!

It is, therefore, important to ensure that that patient is treated as soon as possible so that the condition could not accelerate into something more serious.


Photo Credit : New Health Advisor

There are a number of treatment options for UTI, including antibiotics which can be prescribed to you by a doctor.

But there also exist a lot of home remedies to help you get rid of UTI fast. Here’s an excellent sample from Danified of a home remedy which is claimed to get rid of UTI in the fastest way possible, without a lot of side effects.

You can prepare the remedy as follows:


  • 250 grams of honey
  • 250 grams of lemon rind
  • 250 grams of parsley root
  • 200 ml of olive oil


  1. Slice the parsley root as thinly as you can.
  2. In a blender, put the parsley root, lemon rind, honey, and olive oil.
  3. Blend until you achieve smooth consistency.
  4. Pour into a sterile container and store in the refrigerator.

To use this home remedy, simply drink 1 teaspoon daily. If possible, do this every morning. Drink plenty of water to flush out the bacteria in the urinary tract.

For best results, drink soup, natural fruit juices, or herbal teas to promote urination and removal of more bacteria from your body.