How Daughters Copy Their Mothers’ Sexual Behavior

The sexuality of any woman is shaped by many factors, and the key role in most of them is somehow played by mothers. In what aspects is this influence fundamental to the shaping process, and which, contrary to stereotype, are not that important? How can you work on your sexual life by analyzing your mother’s past?

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1. Temperament

The innate level of sexuality, or, more simply, the sexual temperament, determines our need for sex. People with a strong temperament may want closeness several times a day, while those on the other side of the spectrum may be happy by doing it 1-2 times a month. And regardless of a season, mood, or problems at work. It is believed that natural sexuality is genetically determined, that is, can be transmitted from parents to children. However, it may not be transmitted as well.

One way or another, the role of temperament in intimate life is often exaggerated. If a girl with a weak temperament grew up in a family with a healthy sexual culture and the acceptance of physicality, even her rare sex is likely to be rich, sensual, and wild. At the same time, the owner of a strong temperament can suffer all her life in a cocoon of a taboo and anxieties that were woven by her mother. A great way to fight your anxieties and make your sexual life more interesting is to do some experimentation in bed, don’t be afraid of it.

2. Dispositions

Sexuality in a broad sense is formed from the very moment we are born. And it starts with physicality. Tactile contact with a mother, love, and care which are transmitted at the body level form the basis for further confidence in others and confidence in ourselves. And vice versa: the uselessness, the lack of bodily “dialogue” over time can manifest itself in distrust of people, insecurity, and anxieties.

As we grow older, parental dispositions begin to influence us – we’ve already acquired quite a few ideas about life and sex from our childhood. Did the mother hug the father in your presence? Was it easy for her to accept your first period? Was it common for her to change the channel during a sex scene? If shame in regards to sex reigned in the family, the awkwardness of the intimate life will inevitably be projected onto the children.

3. How to become different

Parental dispositions and cultural prohibitions shape the character and attitudes of most people from the early days of childhood, no matter whether these dispositions and prohibitions are about sex or any other area of life. But, having entered adult life, each of us has the right to choose: to remain in a comfortable zone of parental dispositions or, despite possible condemnation, live our own life filled with unique emotions, joys, and meanings. If you want to fill your life with joys and meanings, then be sure to visit this international dating site and find a partner right now.

The ability to enjoy sex consists of four conditions: the acceptance of desire, the satisfaction of desire, knowledge of their erogenous zones, and active management. Typically, girls inherit lack of sensuality and its faithful companions – the shame and guilt in the face of any manifestation of intimacy. It’s a paradox, but such psychological problems often go away after practical training on sex. When a woman can analyze her intimate life, her body, and her erogenous zones and is able to get fruitful results in cooperation with her spouse, a girl automatically changes her attitude towards many aspects of sexual life. She recognizes on a new conscious level that sex does exist, it is beautiful, and she herself is beautiful too. Her high level of sexuality doesn’t make her into a slut but quite the opposite – it strengthens her relations with her beloved man, it creates new facets for intimacy.