Honest Homeless Guy Returns Wallet, Gets $1000 Reward

After seeing a man drop his wallet just a step away from him, a homeless guy did not hesitate to return it to the rightful owner – and he received a huge $1000 reward for it!

This is no ordinary incident because it is actually part of a social experiment done by pranksters ViralBrothers.

The pair wanted to gift a homeless person with $1000 but wanted to make sure whoever this person might be, he/she deserves to receive the money. Thus, they began a social experiment wherein one would drop a wallet while the other would follow behind, filming the entire incident.

For 5 days, their experiment was a failure. No one returned the wallets they dropped around town.

Then, one guy did. What is even more amazing about this guy is that he was poor and hungry – he even asked for spare change after returning the wallet – yet he was never tempted to take what was not his!

Watch the video here:

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