Homeless Scavenger Surprises Everyone after Donating All His Money to the Temple as Last Wish

Being a homeless scavenger, he was not a rich man and was not able to enjoy the comforts of life. Often, he slept on pavements across the streets of Lopburi, Thailand. But one old man surprised everyone after donating all his money to the temple as his last wish – and he actually had pails filled with coins!

Photo credit: Kiatisuk Saothee / Facebook

The homeless old man often sleeps outside a 7-Eleven shop on Lopburi. He often scavenges the area for items he could still sell at the junk shop so he could have some food. There are times when people would give him some coins as they take pity on his condition.

Not much is known about this old man, with no one in the area knowing his name. But he is a common figure outside the 7-Eleven shop and the management did not really mind that he’s taken up some sort of residency on that spot.

It was on Christmas Day that passersby noticed the old man did not wake up. Word of his passing would soon go viral, not because he’s a homeless man but because people soon learned that he actually left his fortune to the temple.

He was not rich, that’s for sure. But this old man actually had pails filled with coins! He kept those many coins as savings, choosing to live a much simpler life in the streets. He told his family that should something happen to him, they should give the money to the temple.

The family honored his last wish – and this surprised a lot of people. For one, many were surprised that the old man actually had a family and that he would leave what money he had to the temple, not to them. Moreover, a lot were also surprised that the family honored his last wish and did not keep the money to themselves, even if it was only a verbal instruction.

The total money he donated to the temple was not disclosed but judging from the pictures of the monks counting the coins, it was a lot!

What is a Monk?

A monk is a person who practices religious asceticism by either living alone or with other monks in a monastic community wherein they are typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.