Homeless Guy Receives $100…Shares His Blessings to Other Homeless People

Pranksters led by Josh Paler Lin gave a homeless man $100 so they could film what he would do with the money. After all, it would be nice to discover just what a homeless man values.

He lives a different life than those who have homes. $100 is already a big amount – how would be spend it?

The guys found a random guy begging for money by the roadside. Josh gave him the $100, then pretended to walk away but another guy was actually filming the scene.

They then followed the homeless guy to see what he would do next. Much to their dismay, he entered a liquor store. Still, they filmed him anyway – having committed to their social experiment.

The guy went to the park, carrying his large bag on his back.

At the park, the pranksters could not believe their eyes! Instead of liquor, the man actually had food in the shopping bags he got from the liquor store. These food he gave to the other homeless people at the park.

Watch the heartwarming video here: