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Home Improvements on a Budget: Getting an Upgraded Kitchen

Who said you need a lot of money to improve your home? In reality, there are a lot of easy and simple things you can do that do not require a lot of money yet can easily make your home look much better.

Do not worry because there are no fixed deadlines for when you should improve your home but you can start with the simplest ones.

Improving the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house. Though you just need to use the kitchen some three times a day, you often make a lot of mess there while preparing the food. Thus, you might want to ensure that your kitchen is perfect.

great kitchen
Photographs by Gnangarra… [CC BY 2.5 au], via Wikimedia Commons

Getting a New Dish Rack

It is amazing what changes on the countertop can do to change the appearance of your kitchen. If your dinghy dish rack is becoming an eyesore, why not buy a new one that would brighten up the space and also organize your dishes?

The type of dish rack would depend on the style of your kitchen but you can never go wrong with wooden ones. You can pick a dish rack with larger space to fit all your plates and kitchenware.

Add Shelves and Drawers

The cabinets in your kitchen not only serve as space to store your dishes but actually double as kitchen décor! Thus, make sure your cabinets look great.

modern kitchen shelves
By Pbroks13 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
Aside from sprucing up the appearance of your cabinet using some paint and decals, you can also add shelves and drawers to better organize your stuff. This could simply mean adding some wire racks or ready-made drawers.

Replacing Kitchen Hardware

You might be surprised how much improvement you can see in your kitchen simply by changing the kitchen hardware such as faucet and door handles of your cabinets. Go for the sleeker choices which might be a bit expensive than regular ones yet can do a lot of good to your kitchen.

Change Drawer Liners and Add Wallpaper to Cabinet Walls

The inside walls of cabinets are often overlooked because most people tend to focus on the doors and outside parts. You can add cheerful wallpaper to cabinet walls to make these appear brighter and lovelier. This would be especially fun for open cabinets and those with glass doors.

kitchen shelves
© Jorge Royan /, via Wikimedia Commons

Change the Light Fixtures

Get rid of your boring kitchen lights and add some new ones that would bring out the beauty of your kitchen. Hanging lights are the “in” thing these days but you could also opt for spotlights. If you are not so sure about your kitchen’s lighting needs, then you might want to consult an expert on this aspect.

Change the Counters and Backsplash

nice kitchen counters
By Lheld1023 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This entails some serious cash so we are placing this at the bottom of this home improvement list. Still, if you have some money to spare, changing the counters and the backsplash in your kitchen can bring the room to a whole new level. Granite is preferable but you could always opt for colorful tiles.

Funny Videos

Mom Thinks Of A Genius Way To Entertain Her Baby While Doing Her Chores




Roomba Image

Babies are such a joy to have. A home becomes brighter and lovelier whenever there is a new baby. The brightness they bring is because of a lot of reasons, it may be because of their smiles, or the way they babble.

Most of the time, though, it is because of the funny and cute things they do. Just like this little tike who found a way to help her mom juggle her multitasking. Ideas Fun shares this adorable story.

This smart toddler’s mom owns a Roomba, it is a robotic vacuum that is designed to zoom across the floor going under furniture and other fixtures to clean daily dust. Along with the daily specks of dust comes loose pet hair, crumbs, and other little dirt that may be harmful to babies when eaten.

Roomba 1

Apparently, along with the Roomba, comes the baby! Yes, this baby’s mom found a genius way to entertain her baby while doing her daily chores.

Roomba 2

Just look how this baby seems to be enjoying being carried and swept on the floor by the Roomba.

Roomba 3

The baby did not even wince when it seemed that they were about to bump the wall.

Roomba 4

Just watch them go on the floor. This baby is going to grow up smart, that’s for sure.

Watch the adorable video below:

What is Roomba?

Roomba was made to help people with the never-ending cleaning tasks. It is designed to clean everyday dirt that is prone to building up when not taken care of.

Dirt like pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and daily dust are Roomba’s targets. It is a circular robotic vacuum that glides through the floor. It has sensors that allow it to move away from walls and furniture legs.

It also has a sensor to know the edge of the stairs so it can change direction before it falls. And best of all, it apparently is a good tool to entertain your toddler, too!

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Home Improvement

“The Green Heart of Bogota” is The World’s Greatest Vertical Garden




How would you like to live in a building as refreshing as this to look at?

The smell of fresh air, the swaying green leaves that somehow waves at you,  and the joy it brings that reminds you of the beauty of the things around you…….

Be ready to be amazed with this World’s Best!

An 11-storey-building covered with over 33 square feet of plants situated in the middle of Bogota, Colombia, is known to be the largest vertical garden in the world.

Famously known  today as “The Green Heart of Bogota”, Edificio Santalaia was the result of the “green” minds of the Spanish designers, Paisajismo Urbano and Columbian company, Groncol.

After 8 months of tidious planning and another 8 months of hard work, the “State of the Art” vertical garden was finished in December of 2015, and had given a new meaning to the vital role of the plants in the lives of mankind.

Photo credits to Paisajismo Urbano

The selection of plants totaling 115,000 of 10 species and 5 different families in the World’s Best and Largest Vertical Garden, was the product of careful assemblage of the plants, chosen by Ignacio Solano, the head of Paisajismo Urbano, together with his troupe along their journey to Colombia’s Choco rainforest.  The plants were chosen in such a way that they appear homochromatic to achieve that neutral look.



Taking into consideration the great variety of plants used in the garden, irrigation was by far, the greatest challenge that Solano and his collaborators had taken into account.  This made the adjustment of the chemical parameters of the water and its nourishment a serious matter until Paisajismo Urbano ended up using  40 irrigation sectors that were automatically controlled depending on humidity and solar radiation.  It was also set-up in such a way that water flowing from the living walls of the building  and the wastewater from the residents were recycled.

Photo credits to Paisajismo Urbano

The world’s largest vertical garden was not built for  merely  aesthetics but for a greater significance to human kind, according to Paisajismo Urbano.

Their website stated, “A vertical garden of this size is capable  of producing the oxygen needed by more than 3,100 people a year, processing about 775 kilograms of heavy metals , filtering more than 2,000 tons of harmful gases and catching more than 400 kilograms of dust”.

Photo credits to Paisajismo Urbano

The carbon dioxide emitted by the plants compensate the carbon among 700 people and filters the air for the PMm emissions of 745 vehicles.

The green foliage also helps diminish the heat inside the building on Summer seasons and lessens the usage of air condition units.

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Girl’s Glamorous Photo with Messy Bedroom Background Goes Viral




A girl who looks like she’s getting ready for a prom has recently gone viral – not because of her glamorous photo but because of her rather messy room! In fairness to this young lady, she does looks gorgeous and sexy in that shot but the sultry siren effect was damaged by her topsy turvy turf. Ooops!

The girl posted the photo on Twitter, with the caption, “Going to dinner because I needed an excuse to wear this.” Some rather helpful netizens actually commented good things about the snapshot.

For instance, one girl pointed out a pair of black heels among the clutter, saying that those would actually look better with the dress than the one she’s wearing.

Photo credit: Twitter / @og_pocahontas

But while many were impressed with her beauty and her dress, they weren’t too excited about the mess behind her – and they just couldn’t help but react to the photo!

One reacted rather kindly, Photoshopping the picture to edit out the mess and put her in a neat, lovely room, instead. But we’re quite sure that if this girl didn’t post the photo of her in a glam dress amid that clutter, the snapshot would have just gone down the bowels of Twitter as yet another ‘ordinary’ photo.

Photo credit: Twitter / @bk17__

Indeed, glamorous snapshots have become rather common especially because many people try to outdo each other on social media.

But intentional or not, this girl had just gotten the world’s attention. As weird as it might sound, while she would long be remembered as ‘that pretty girl with the messy room’, she’d actually gotten a lot of attention (and possibly more Twitter followers) from netizens – and that’s something that many people wish to achieve these days…

What ‘hidden’ objects can you find in the girl’s room?

Hmmmmmm. Someone actually suggested that there’s a mouse near the dresser! Eeeeeek.

Photo credit: Twitter / @deucetreykix

Did you see it?

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