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Hilarious Moment Vulture Gets Its Head Stuck Up on Dead Pig’s Behind

This vulture’s sumptuous meal turned into a disaster after it got its head stuck up on the dead sow’s anus.

After finding a dead pig shot by a rancher, the scavenger tried to take advantage by pigging out on its lifeless body.

Apparently, the bird was more keen on turning the dead pig’s anus into a sumptuous meal. However, it got more than it bargained for when its head got stuck on the pig’s rectum.

The funny incident was filmed by  Paul Fushille, who found the lifeless pig in a field of dead feral pigs and piglets in western Travis County in Texas. He shared the video on YouTube in April 2014 but the clip recently went viral after posted a copy of it on Facebook.

According to Paul, the bird got itself in the nasty situation because the pig’s behind had clenched.

In hilarious footage, the vulture can be seen desperately trying to escape from its “captor”. If you’re wondering why Paul didn’t attempt to save the poor creature, the man’s got a valid excuse.

And no I didn’t attempt to remove it as vultures are prone to throw up as a defense mechanism. I didn’t want pig a** on me. But, the bird did free itself within an hour or so, as reported by a friend and neighbor!’ he wrote in the video description:

Watch the video below.

What is a vulture?

Vultures are scavenging birds of prey composed of two groups: New World vultures and Old World vultures.

Many vulture have bald heads which is believed to play a crucial role in thermoregulation. These birds have been observed to hunch their bodies and tuck in their heads in the cold. Meanwhile, they tend to open their wings and stretch their necks in the heat.


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