Highest Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates…With Salaries Around P20,000

Fresh graduate and looking for a high-paying job? Congratulations and good luck!

There are plenty of jobs out there in the “real” world but you will surely have to compete with thousands of other eager and qualified applicants.

If you are wondering which jobs pay the highest for fresh graduates like you, here’s the top 10 list from Jobstreet Philippines.

1 – [IT/Computer] Software

Did you know that being a geek is not so bad after all? The top-paying job for fresh graduates is in the IT field, giving you around P23,949 per month. Job options include as business security assistant, net developer, and Android developer.

computer programmer

You will also notice that other IT-related jobs are included in this top 10 list!

2 – [IT/Computer] Network/System/Database Admin

Working in this field as IT helpdesk staff, system administrator, or IT assistant can give you as much as P23,080 a month.

3 – [Technical and Helpdesk Support]

The P22,289 average salary for this field is the reason why many graduates [of any course] tend to be drawn to the call centers/BPOs.

call center agent

4 – [IT/Computer] Hardware

Fresh grads can earn an average of P21,371 for working as technical assistants, computer hardware troubleshooter, or data center system operator in telecommunications, IT, and banking companies.

5 – [Finance] Corporate Finance/Investment/Merchant Banking

Exceptionally great in numbers? That’s fantastic! You can get a job in this field and earn an estimated income of P21,345 as investment associate, accounting assistant, or similar job descriptions.

6 – [Law/Legal Services]

You can choose to work in law firms or try your luck in call centerse/BPOs or other fields. This could bring you around P21,301 per month.

7 – [Sales] Telesales/Telemarketing

If you are especially good with selling stuff to people, then a sales job in fields like logistics industries, healthcare, transportation, real estate, and telecommunications could earn you around P20,966 a month.


8 – [Healthcare] Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant

It is easy to see where these fresh graduates go: in medical/health-related fields, of course. They can get as much as P20,588 as medical representatives, healthcare assistants, or nurses [some hospitals do hire paid nurses (as opposed to “volunteers”)].

9 – [Sales] Engineering/Technical/IT

Fresh graduates in this field of study can get a job in BPOs or call centers as well as in retail or electrical and electronics industries. According to Jobstreet PH, you can get around P20,265 a month in this field.

10 – [Engineering] Electronics/Communications

Though this one is at the bottom of the list, graduates should not feel discouraged because it still belongs to the top 10 best, highest paying jobs for fresh grads! Plus, you’d probably love the tidy paycheck of around P19,343 per month, based on prevailing rates.


Graduates in this field can get a job as test product technician, as electronics and communications engineer, and as cadet engineers. They will deal with jobs in telecommunications, wafer fabrication, semiconductors, utilities, and power.

Bear in mind that these data came from Jobstreet PH; thus, information used in the list only come from their partner companies. The salary averages on this list are limited to this information. Thus, you can more or you can get less than the averages on this top 10 list; though this would already give you a rough idea of what to expect when hunting for a job in these fields.

Good luck!