Heroic Dad Backflips And Saves His Two Kids From Car Accident

The tragic thing about accidents is that they can happen at any place and time without a warning. In most cases, they cannot be avoided and so they often lead to unfortunate results.

Fortunately, one alert father was able to save his children from certain tragedy in South Jambi, Indonesia.

As recently reported by Reshareworthy, we learn that the dad was “visiting a bike shop,” a motorbike on the garage while his two children were playing in the background. All of a sudden, the father noticed an incoming out-of-control Toyota car rushing towards their direction.

heroic dad backflips saves children from car accident 1

Photo credit: YouTube

Things could have immediately taken a horrific turn but the father, equipped with lightning-fast reflexes, was able to grab the children and do a perfectly-timed backflip to save them out of the vehicle’s way. It looks pretty much like a scene from an action movie – except this happened in real life and so the risk was real.

You can watch the video here:

Thankfully, no one was injured in the said car accident. This dad is an absolute legend!

What Are The Benefits of Staying In Shape?

As the video above shows us, being physically fit can possibly help you save lives when the situation calls for it. Aside from that, it also has numerous benefits for your personal well-being.

According to the BuiltLean website, staying in shape can help you reduce cholesterol, sleep better, improve self-esteem, decrease back pain, increase metabolic rate, prevent certain types of cancer, and more.

Of course, “getting in shape” is being defined by the site as having “a baseline of (1) strength, (2) muscular endurance, (3) cardiovascular capacity, and (4) flexibility to lead a fuller, healthier life. If you are weak in one of these 4 areas, then you have a gap to fill my friend!”

For these reasons and more, achieving excellent health is indeed a worthwhile goal for all of us.