Here’s An Amazing Tip You Can Do With Leftover Rice

So you’ve got lots of leftover rice left from the party yesterday. What do you do with it?

While many families turn this leftover food into fried rice for breakfast, some opt to just throw it away simply because they got tired of eating the same thing in the morning.

CHOW, a popular Youtube channel that shares quick tips and demos of some dishes, revealed how leftover rice can be turned into a crispy and chewy snack. John Birdshall demonstrated how to do the simple trick in the kitchen which he learned from his Filipina mother-in-law!

It’s actually very easy to make, you don’t even need to add oil on the pan. Remember this recipe is ideal for Asian style or short grain rice.

Check out how chef Birdshall transformed the leftover rice into a snack.

Do you want to share your very own recipe with leftover rice? Leave your comments below.

Elite Rice Varities May Solve Food Security Challenges

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) said that varieties of next generation (next gen) rice may possibly solve the challenges of food security, according to a report by Manila Bulletin.

The elite rice varieties, which are resistant to diseases and pests, have potential yields ranging from 6 to 12 tons per hectare. The organisation is currently developing these varieties to have desirable traits such as tolerance for drought, flood, heat, and salinity.

Thelma Padolina, Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) senior consultant, said that the Department of Agriculture is trying to engage farmers to test and evaluate elite rice varieties in the field via multi-environment trials (MET).

“These new lines of rice varieties were released as early as 2011 but their adoption had been very low,” Padolina said.

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