Heartwarming Moment a Medical Doctor Son Honors his Pedicab Driver Father on Graduation Day

Graduation day is one of the proudest, most fulfilling moments in a person’s life. But I think the happiest and proudest of all are those people who truly worked hard to reach their dreams despite their financial situations in life.

This is why I feel like my heart would burst with shared pride after seeing this heartwarming post made by a fellow Dumagueteño, Marven Louie Badon Ragay. He graduated from the Medical School of Silliman University.

Marven Louie Badon Ragay

Photo credit: Facebook/Marven Louie Badon Ragay

Pa salamat kaayo sa imong pag-supporta nako. Ang imong abot sa pamasahero nakapalahutay nako sa pageskuwela. Congrats nimo! A pedicab driver with a son who is a medical doctor. You must be proud of me, father! (Pa, thank you very much for your support. Your earnings from driving a pedicab helped me finish my education. Congratulations to you! A pedicab driver with a son who is a medical doctor. You must be proud of me, father!) – Marven Louie Badon Ragay

Congratulations Doc Marven Louie Badon Ragay and your dad!

Medical Education

The road to becoming a doctor is a long, difficult, and expensive one. Doctors spend years and years in school to reach their dreams. Before being accepted in medical school, a candidate must have already graduated from a 4-year degree course, preferably medical-related courses.

Entry-level medical education is already a tertiary-level course; though there are places where undergraduate-entry (in most of Europe, India, and China) is possible. A lot of medical schools have their own hospitals, are part of hospitals, or have tie-ups with hospitals for obvious reasons: the medical students would need a place to hone their skills.

In the case of Dr. Ragay above, his school, Silliman University Medical School, is part of the prestigious Silliman University which has its own hospital, Silliman Medical Center Foundation, Inc.

According to Wikipedia, newly graduated doctors undergo a residency or internship period before their full registration is granted. They must also pass the licensure examination for doctors. In the Philippines, aspiring doctors need to finish a 4-year Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree before they are qualified to take the licensure exams.

Afterwards, they can already practice as doctors on their own or choose to undergo further studies for medical specialization, lasting anywhere from three to six years.