Heartbreaking ‘Rescue’ Video of Boy Who Drowned in Pool Goes Viral

January 1 is considered by many Filipinos as the perfect day to cleanse off various sins and bad luck of the previous year by swimming; thus, families often flock to beaches and resorts to enjoy a dip in the sea or at the swimming pool.

Sadly, while this is supposed to be a day of rejoicing, but each year, this also becomes a day of mourning to many families – because a lot of people drown across the country mostly because the adults are having fun talking and eating that they forget about the kids for a while.

Because a lot of people in the Philippines, kids and adults alike, do not know how to swim, a small mistake could easily lead to tragedy.

In the video shared by a netizen who goes by the Facebook name/handle Enahs Ibanez, a boy was seen being ‘rescued’ after he drowned at the pool sometime around 1:30 PM on January 1. It was soon clear that no one if that group of people knows how to do CPR or how to handle a drowned person.

No one also had cellphone load to call 911 or an ambulance – and no one thought of immediately rushing the boy to the nearest hospital as they seemed to have panicked after seeing the child who had already turned blue at the time.

Netizens couldn’t help but comment how crazy it was that the adults around the boy couldn’t think of the best way to handle the situation and that they didn’t try hard enough to revive the child.

Others blamed the resort for not having a lifeguard but others pointed out that most resorts in the Philippines don’t have a lifeguard and that the child was truly his parents’ responsibility.

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Batang nalunod sa Dream land ( january 01 2017 ) 1:30pm
No life guard
No first aid

Posted by Enahs Ibanez on Saturday, December 31, 2016

Is there 911 in the Philippines?

Yes! The 911 emergency number is fully functional in the Philippines although callers need to have regular cellphone load to be able to connect with the hotline.