‘Headless’ Woman Spotted at Wedding of Christmas Box Couple?

The story of a Pinay girl marrying the American boy who sent her a Christmas box back when they were still kids had gone viral, with many loving how their story started and how amazing it was that they were worlds apart but were connected by that shoebox.

But as the story went viral, some eagle-eyed netizens couldn’t help but notice something strange in the rather charming photo taken during the pair’s wedding: a ‘headless’ woman standing at the background and talking with the other guests! Whoa!

The said photo, posted by Tyrel Wolfe on his Facebook account, taken during his marriage with Joana Marchan, had been around for a long time but had recently gone viral again after their story was reposted on various blogs, including RachFeed.

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But as netizens gushed over their cute love story, some pointed out the woman in the background. Who is she? Was she really a guest at the wedding or a ghost? The latter seems like a creepy answer but she does look like she has a shadow – do ghosts have shadows?

No matter how hard we tried looking at the photo, we still couldn’t find her head! Can you?

But something so sweet and cute shouldn’t be marred by a ghost photo, right? Well, we’re not so sure how to explain the headless woman’s presence in the photo but it is quite possible the camera just wasn’t able to capture her head because of the bright light?

We’re guessing she’s blonde and had very fair skin, making her head somewhat ‘invisible’ from the camera lens. This hypothesis stems from the appearance of another lady standing right next to her in the group as well as the somewhat ‘semi-invisible’ kid standing at the back of the couple.

What do you think?

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