Harvard Offers Free Online Course on Photography

While many of us often use our cellphones to take photos these days especially because it really is easier to post them on social media afterwards, there are still a number of things about digital photography using a DSLR camera that smartphones can’t replace.

But digital photography will work best if you get help from the experts – and that’s where Harvard University comes in.

Thanks to ALISON, the world leader for free online courses, you can learn digital photography from Harvard University.

And you’ll love this awesome news: not only are the courses provided for free via ALISON, you get to study them at your own pace! Isn’t that exciting?

The course offers around 10 to 15 hours of lecture and course work; although you will have to spend considerably more hours than that as you get to know more about your camera and take it outside for practice shoots.

The free online course for digital photography will help you learn the basics of photography, including the different exposure settings and which ones are best to use on certain occasions at different lighting, etc.

You will also learn just how exactly does your camera work and how light actually affects the outcome of the photograph as well as how you can make the sensor and the lenses work to your favor.

Moreover, you will also learn about the rules on what you should not do when taking photos… Ooops! There are rules for that???

Anyway, the course is genuine and comes with an assessment. You must pass and get a grade of at least 80% on the assessment before you can get your official ALISON diploma for the course.

Interested in this online course? Sign up on ALISON!