Hacker Group ‘Anonymous Leyte’ Targets Gov’t Sites for ‘Incompetence’

Hacker groups have been busy these past days, creating their silent protest against the government’s alleged inaction and incompetence with handling certain issues.

Just last week, Anonymous PH hacked several government sites in preparation for the Million Mask March and to protest various causes, including the recent corruption issues and worldwide violence.

Today, another hacker group, Anonymous Leyte, began hacking government sites to protest the alleged incompetence government officials exhibited in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

Operation Infosurge Anonymous Leyte

I was checking a Tesda site when it went POOF and a message appeared on the screen. It would have freaked me out, thinking my computer crashed (again!), but the black screen was replaced with a warning message. Thankfully, it was not for me (whew!).

The hackers delivered a simple yet potent message, directed to government officials.

Operation | Infosurge

It’s been a year since Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck our land, but we have never forgotten the suffering you have clone to us during our time of recovery.

We might have moved on from the painful wrath of the disaster however, we will not forget the misery you’ve brought to us with your incompetence in responding to our needs.

Expect Us!

A tipster later informed us that it was not just the Tesda site that crashed, but several others were also defaced. hmmmm As of writing, several government sites already bore the same message from Anonymous Leyte.

The following is a partial list of the affected sites:



http://omb.gov.ph/ombnew_frombackup/admin/includes/ http://joserizal.nhcp.gov.ph/




http://omb.gov.ph/ombnew_frombackup/admin/includes/ http://www.spda.gov.ph/~laanclar/OPInfosurge.php


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