Guys Go Viral for Singing Song to Comfort Friend Who’s Crying Over Breakup with GF

“A friend in need is a friend indeed!” – Ancient Proverb

A group of young men in Malaysia recently went viral after they sang a song to comfort a friend who is crying over his breakup with his girlfriend. Many netizens are saying that this guy is really lucky to have such great friends who are there for him even in times when he is really sad over what happened with him and his girl.

Photo credit: Twitter / @IkhwanAzmal

In the course of a person’s life, we meet friends. Many of them might come and go, but there are those who stick with us and become our friends for life. It is always nice to find good friends who will be there with us in the most trying times of our lives – and would try to cheer us up when we are down.

In a video shared on Twitter by user @IkhwanAzmal, a guy could be seen crying as he hides under his black t-shirt. It turned out that he recently lost his girlfriend. It is not clear whether the guy was the one who broke up with the girl over some issues or if the girl was the one who broke up with him. But what was for sure is that the breakup really affected him so much.

Girl’s tears are common but once a man cries for you, it means that he loved you with all of his heart. Please appreciate him,” one of his friends wrote.

Many netizens agreed with the post, saying that a lot of men don’t really shed tears unless they really are in love with someone. Moreover, they won’t be doing so in public, even with their friends around! So, this guy must really love that girl so much, huh?

But many netizens were also impressed with his friends for sticking with him and even trying to comfort him with the song, a popular song from Insomniac called “Pulang”.

Here’s the video:

What’s a Breakup?

A breakup is the end of a relationship, whether the dissolution of a marriage or the termination of a relationship between romantic couples.