Guy Surprises GF with Engagement Ring While She Sleeps

One guy goes viral after surprising girlfriend with an engagement ring while she sleeps! He also shared a photo of her sleeping with the ring on, making sure that her friends will send those congratulatory messages while she’s still sleeping.

His reason for proposing while she’s sleeping? Because he’s the man of her dreams! LOL.

Guy Proposes to Sleeping Girlfriend

A lot of guys would say that proposing to their girlfriends is one of the hardest yet most exciting moments of their lives. It’s the moment they express their plan for lifetime commitment and taking the first step to marriage – and that is something that a lot of guys are afraid to make.

Considering how relationships can dissolve and end up in separation or divorce, some guys might be too scared to make the commitment because they are unsure whether this girl they have now is the one who’d be there for them forever.

But for Michael Mayorga from Miami, Florida, such a thing is out of the question. He knew that Jamilah Williams is the girl for him, starting from the time when she helped him through a difficult bout of depression.

In a separate post, he narrated how he got cheated on by his girlfriend of 6 years back in 2015. Then, he lost his mom the following year. In 2017, he found new love but lost her to a disease in 2019. During his bout of depression over the many difficult things he experienced, he met Jamilla.

They started out as friends. Jamilla cared for him spiritually and mentally, making sure to check on him and pray with him every day. By mid 2020, they realized their love for each other.

Just some months later, Michael decided to propose to Jamilla. Because she’s so difficult to surprise, Michael decided to propose to her while she’s sleeping!

Congratulations, Michael and Jamilla!

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