Guy Serenades Girl at Work; Great Idea for Valentine’s Day?

What’s the best way a guy can show his girl how much he loves her this Valentine’s Day? How about if he serenade her at work, with the whole world watching? Hmmm…That could be a great idea but there are lots of factors to consider when executing such a public display of love.

In a video shared by Matalinong Matsing, a guy went out of his way to serenade his girl while she is on duty at a Jollibee store [somewhere not mentioned]. However, it looked like the girl was reluctant to participate in the impromptu harana session.

The brave guy even had some of his friends help him out with the harana, aptly singing Parokya ni Edgar’s “Harana”. It did not matter to the guy that the girl kept on trying to pull back and run towards the back. There were times when the girl appeared to kick him but he was adamant that his friends finish the song.

Diners watched the commotion while the other employees appeared indifferent as the guy and his friends continued to sing. He simply kept a strong hold on her hands so she would not run away.

valentine's day serenade

When the song was finished, she made a dash for the back and reached the area where only employees are allowed to enter. The guy managed to catch her there but she pulled so hard until she was able to free herself.

Netizens who watched the video offered their opinions. A lot bashed the girl for being fussy and cruel for rejecting the guy’s efforts. Many thought she should simply accept the guy’s efforts and pretend to enjoy because it was, after all, done in a public place.

However, there were also many who sided with the girl, saying the guy should have waited for her day off because she might get in trouble at work.

It was not known whether this guy was trying to propose to a girlfriend or whether he was merely a suitor trying to prove his love. What is sure is that the girl was not so pleased with the public show of love. Thus, it is hard to say what this girl should have done or shouldn’t have done.

But then, what’s done is done. Let’s just hope nothing terrible happened as a consequence of this failed harana for Valentine’s Day.

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