Guy Regrets Giving His Friend’s Name During One-Night Stand with Beautiful Widow

Have you ever done something so crazy that you would not want others to know you actually did it? Yeah, I know that can be exciting and terrible at the same time!

Well, such happened to a guy who thought it was best to use his best friend’s name during a one-night stand. He would later regret this decision, especially 9 months later!

Enjoy this fictional story we found printed on SF Globe:

Jack decided to go skiing with his buddy, Bob. They loaded up Jack’s station-wagon and headed north.

After driving for a few hours, they got caught in a terrible blizzard. They pulled into a nearby farmhouse and asked the attractive lady of the house if they could spend the night.

“I’m recently widowed,” she explained, “And I’m afraid the neighbors will talk if I let you stay in my house.”

“Not to worry,” Jack said, “We’ll be happy to sleep in the barn. We’ll be gone at first light.”

The lady agreed and they settled into the barn for the night.

Come morning, the weather had cleared, and they went on their way.  

Nine months later, Jack got a letter from an attorney. After reading it, he thought for a few minutes and realized he must be the widow’s attorney.

He called up his friend Bob and said, “Bob, do you remember that good-looking widow at the farm we stayed at?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Did you happen to get up in the middle of the night, go up to the house and pay her a visit?” Jack asked.

“Yes, I have to admit that I did.”


“Did you happen to use my name instead of telling her your name?” Jack asked.

Bobs face turns red and he said, “Yeah, I’m afraid I did.”

“Well, thanks!” Jack replied, “She just died and left me everything!”

One-Night Stand

As the term implies, “one-night stand” is used to define an encounter that happens for just one night. This is often used to describe adult relations in bed – with participants possibly not knowing each other for more than just a few hours or even minutes prior to the event.

People involved in a one-night stand have less emotional input in the situation and could choose to go on their separate ways without further romantic involvement with the other person. Some might choose to pursue a relationship but most simply keep the emotional involvement to a minimum.

In a one-night stand, expect that there will be no “strings attached”; though there have been several cases wherein the encounter produces a child – and the parents battle in court for custody or support.

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