This Guy Lives the Dream with Two Wives in a Household with 9 Kids

On Valentine’s Day, a lot of people posted about their special someone on social media, to the point of ‘bragging’ perhaps but if that makes them happy, let’s just let them be.

But one woman from Thailand had a different ‘brag’ because it wasn’t just about her husband making the day special with some gift or flowers but because of their unique marriage arrangement!

People are bragging about their husbands on Facebook. Well, my husband happens to have two wives!” wrote 32-year-old Warissara Poksrichan.

You might think 42-year-old Manop Nuttayothin was asking for trouble when he took two wives and had them living under one roof but he is actually living in harmony with his two wives – and revealed that he’s never had trouble with them at all.

Nuttayothin also revealed that he actually had three wives but the first one died; however, he lives with all the nine children he has with his three wives, with each woman actually having three kids each.

Poksrichan is actually Nuttayothin’s second wife but she’s happy that he took a third wife and even treats the ‘other woman’ as best friend. She was also the one who posted their photo with the proud caption.

So, how does Nuttayothin ensure there’s no trouble in his household?

Sometimes it happens. I’ll overlook something and realise that I treated one wife better than the other. When I understand that’s a problem, I make sure I treat the two of them equally,” he revealed.

His wives chimed in, “We do the same things. We do everything at the same time. It’s the best.

It surely helps that Nuttayothin makes sure he treats them equally. They also do things together, with both helping their husband, selling car parts and accessories not just at their shop but also in major racing events in Thailand.

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