Guy Injures Self While Trying to Retrieve iPhone 8 He Dropped in Café Toilet

The iPhone 8 might no longer be the most sought-after phone these days after Apple faced recent controversies, including the company’s admission that they intentionally slow down older phones to supposedly conserve battery, still those who bought the phone wouldn’t want to lose it especially after spending a good amount of money on the gadget.

One guy was willing to hurt himself as he tried to retrieve the iPhone 8 he dropped at a café toilet. He nearly lost his arm while trying to get back the gadget. Whew!

Photo credit: LZ News

The incident happened at a café inside a hotel in Liuzhou, Guanxi Autonomous Region in China. The guy whose name was withheld had been drinking with friends when he felt the need to go to the toilet. While using the squat toilet, he took out his phone to check something but this turned out to be a wrong move. The phone dropped into the toilet.

Of course, he wouldn’t just let that expensive new gadget fall down the drain quite so literally, right? So, the young man did a rather gross thing, sticking his arm inside the public toilet. But the phone had dropped so far into the squat toilet that despite him sticking his arm up to the shoulder, he was unable to retrieve his phone.

What’s worse, he soon found himself stuck in that squat toilet. Too embarrassed to ask for help at first, he tried to free himself from the toilet but after 20 minutes and already feeling numbness on his now-injured arm, he decided to call out for assistance.

Photo credit: LZ News

A janitor heard him and called the fire department. The toilet had to be dismantled. After minutes spent in agony, he was finally free; however, the phone was lost forever.

The good news is that the hotel promised to compensate him for the lost phone after he negotiated with the management. Whew!