Guy Goes Viral after Buying “Two-Man Tent” That’s Barely Big Enough for Two 6-Packs

Fond of online shopping? A guy goes viral after buying what’s supposed to be a “two-man tent” but it is barely big enough to fit two 6-packs of beer! LOL.

Online Shopping Fail

These days, it is so easy to find something you need online and simply have it delivered at home. You can even order big appliances and furniture, though you do have to prepare to pay a hefty price for the delivery fee. Yet the convenience of being able to do that at the comfort of your home is priceless.

But not all online orders go well. There are many online sellers who trick people into buying things that seem to be perfect for their needs, only for the customers to receive something bad and totally unexpected! There are even sellers who swap cellphones for rocks! Tsk. Tsk.

David Adam from Cardonald, Glasgow, was planning to go on a hiking adventure in Scotland and was hoping to buy a tent he could easily bring along. While browsing through some posts on a camping group, he found someone advertising a listing for a seller on Facebook marketplace.

Thinking that the post was reliable as it was on a legit camping group, David paid the seller £50 ($66.25) for the popup tent.

David was excited to take his tent to Scotland but was shocked when the package that arrived at his doorstep was no bigger than the palm of his hand! Inside, he found the pop-up tent that was really too small for the advertised “two-man tent” size! The tent is so small, in fact, that it could barely fit in two 6-packs inside. Tsk. Tsk.

The tent was also so small that his daughter can’t even fit inside!

Don’t buy a tent online,” he warned.


You should have asked for a two man rather than a two can tent mate,” a netizen joked in reply.

What’s a Popup Tent?

A popup tent is a tent that can be easily mounted without needing to set up poles and rods and various assembling material that you will need in a traditional camping tent.

Popup tents are easy to assemble with just one or a few pieces together.

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