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Groom Plays Video of Bride Cheating with Her Brother-in-Law While Sister is Pregnant

These days, relationships can be so complicated and people find so many ways to cheat. But karma is digital, they say. And while it is easier to cheat these days, it is also much easier to get caught!

Recently, a guy discovered that his would-be-wife is actually cheating on him with her brother-in-law, the husband of her pregnant sister! Instead of directly confronting the pair, the guy thought of the best way to get his revenge – and realized he can do the worst by playing the video of the cheating pair at their upcoming wedding.

Photo credit: dsa dsadsa / YouTube

Various reports claimed that the wedding took place in the province of Fujian located in southeastern China last Thursday. It is unknown whether the groom had actually signed the marriage contract but this embarrassing event clearly happened at the reception.

Photo credit: dsa dsadsa / YouTube

At first, the couple could be seen happily walking hand in hand down the aisle towards the stage. There, they posed for photos before the emcee announced that they will be playing some videos of the couple as kids. But the screen showed a different video instead. It was of a man and a woman kissing inside a bedroom – and this turned out to be the bride and her brother-in-law.

Photo credit: dsa dsadsa / YouTube

The groom shouted at his bride, “You thought I didn’t know?” Humiliated by the video, the bride angrily lashed at her groom as family members ran up the stage to separate the couple.

Photo credit: dsa dsadsa / YouTube

The groom announced that he learned about his bride’s cheating ways when he installed CCTV cameras at their future home. He didn’t think his girlfriend of 2 years would cheat on him, particularly with her pregnant sister’s husband. He even promised to give her a house and a car, but he’s glad that he found out before it was too late…

Photo credit: dsa dsadsa / YouTube

Here’s a video supposedly taken by a guest:

What’s a CCTV Camera?

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera takes videos from a specific place, transmitting the signal to a limited set of monitors. These days, you can also program your CCTV cameras to transmit videos (often with audio) to online apps and directly to your phone.

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