Gravity-defying Pole Dance Art – This Awesome Video will Amaze You!

An awesome video of French performer Karo Swen while doing a gravity-defying pole dance will surely leave you amazed! What’s quite fantastic about this video is that Swen appears to be floating in the air and is virtually weightless as she moves at the top of the pole.

While watching the video, the first thing that came to my mind was whether she was training pole dancing at a NASA zero gravity facility!

Her almost weightless body moved to the rhythm of the music yet was also fluid and graceful around the pole. The positions she does on the pole makes you think of a ballerina stuck on a dance pole. It was truly beautiful.

Watch the amazing sexy pole dance video here:

What is Pole Dancing?

By definition, pole dancing is “erotic dancing that involves swinging around a fixed pole”. It might look easy to you but pole dancing is actually one of the hardest dances to do, especially because the pole can be really slippery and gravity will try to pull the dancer’s body to the ground!

In the past, pole dancing was often associated in bars and nightclubs, where the dancers are actually doing the pole dance to attract customers.

Today, pole dancing has gained praise, especially with the appearance of prestigious people who do the dance without blatant eroticism. The sexy factor is there, but not like the lewd dancing in the red light district!

For example, Ciara Sotto is among the top pole dancer celebrities in the Philippines.

As for Swen, she can teach you how to pole dance. Of course, you might have to shell out a fortune for those lessons – but if she could teach me how to do those amazing moves on top of the pole, I think I would enroll in that pole dance class as soon as I can!

Pole dancing is an art that Swen certainly mastered. Great skills!