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Graduate Proudly Posts ‘Graduation Photo’ with Mother’s Tomb

His mother died in 2012; and though there were other family members who stepped in to help him finish school and eventually walked with him during the graduation rites, Reggie Ejong Molina III still wished he was able to have a graduation photo taken with his parents.

Thus, he did the only thing he could think of so he could achieve that: still in his graduation garb and bringing all his medals, garlands, and diploma/certificate.

In a series of snapshots he shared on Facebook, Molina sat cross-legged on top of the tomb, smiling and proudly holding up the stuff he received during his graduation.

Photo credit: Facebook/Reggie Ejong Molina III
Photo credit: Facebook/Reggie Ejong Molina III

He shared how he had seen many graduates together with their mothers and knew that they were so happy about it yet he said he does not feel sad because he knows that wherever his mother may be, she is surely proud of him and that she is very happy with what he has achieved.

Molina’s post touched a nerve in the community, quickly becoming viral as lots of people could relate with his story and were also happy with what he has achieved and how he shared his joys with his late mother.

Academic Graduation

Graduation is the culmination of a student’s hard work and is defined as the “award or acceptance of an academic degree or diploma”.

Graduation procedures and traditions differ among countries but in the Philippines where Molina is from, the term graduation is often synonymous to the actual graduation rites or ceremony, with people only considering a person as a full-fledged graduate if he/she was able to attend the ceremony.

Check out this viral post by Molina, honoring his late mother:

Halos lahat kanina kasama ang nanay nila at kitang-kita ko kung gaano sila kasaya, pero ganun pa man hindi ako…

Posted by Reggie Ejong Molina III on Friday, March 18, 2016

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