First Grader Helps Friend with Cancer by Shaving his Head

“Friendship is a  beautiful thing.”

This is what first grader Vincent Butterfield proved when he decided to shave off his head to show his best friend Zac Gossage that he is not alone in his battle.

When Zac was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at a very young age,Vincent spent time researching to know more about his best friend’s disease. Based on the information he gathered, Vincent found out that Zac needed funds in order to get treatment.

This why Vincent started to sell scarves to raise funds for Zac. The little boy was able to sell 20 scarves raising a couple of hundred dollars.

More importantly, Vincent showed Zac his unconditional love by shaving off his head. According to Vincent, he didn’t want his best friend to become self-conscious at school so he copied Zac’s hair style.

“I cut if off to make Zach feel like he’s not the only one without any hair,” he explained.

Would you be willing to do this for a friend? Watch the incredible story of this two best friends.