Grab Passenger Slammed for Belittling Driver, Bragging about Her Rich Status

A Grab passenger recently went viral after she belittled the driver while bragging about her rich status. The woman even threatened to report the driver to Grab and post her complaint on social media!

Even before the woman could make her move, the driver decided to take the matter to social media – and he certainly got everyone’s sympathy. In turn, the woman gets bashed for her conceited attitude and bad grammar.

The woman asked to be picked up at a spot near Apolonio Samson Elementary School in Balintawak, Quezon City in Metro Manila, Philippines; she was headed for Eton Centris Cyberpod One, the driver shared.

She failed to tell the driver that the road was small and difficult to navigate; this led the car getting scratched because the driver wasn’t familiar with the place.

When she alighted the vehicle, the unnamed passenger tried to flirt with the driver by telling him to smile when he’s on duty because he looked rather cute with his dimples, but the driver told her to be considerate to Grab drivers the next time she hails a ride.

This got the woman angry. Instead of taking the driver’s advice in a constructive manner, she got mad and told him she’s the customer and he’s just a driver. She also slammed his ride, saying he shouldn’t be ‘maarte’ (fussy) because he’s just driving a Toyota Vios, not a sports car.

Photo credit: Facebook / Grab PH Horror Stories

She didn’t offer to pay for the scratch on his car; instead, she bragged that she could afford to buy a Vios but didn’t do it because the car is ‘cheap’.

This triggered the driver, of course. But after an exchange of heated words with him, she threatened to report him to Grab.

When he called her out for her ‘squatter manners’ because she lived at the squatters’ area, she bragged that she actually lives in a condo unit at Zinnia Tower but was only at the squatters’ area to take a bath at a friend’s house because the condo had a power outage.

Photo credit: Facebook / Grab PH Horror Stories

She bragged that she had a good salary while he was just a driver. She warned that she’ll get him terminated. Ooops. She also blamed her iPhone on the autocorrect that led to her mistaking ‘leaving’ with ‘living’. LOL.