Gorgeous ‘Sampaguita Girl’ Goes Viral, Earns Praise for Helping Her Mother

Netizens truly love a feel-good story. Such stories include people who go viral for their gorgeous looks, especially if they come from rather simple backgrounds. For instance, we had Rita Gaviola known as the ‘Badjao Girl’ and Jeyrick Sigmaton known as the ‘Carrot Man’.

Recently, another young lady captured netizens’ attention for her good looks.

Selling sampaguita to passersby in Quiapo, the young lady was captured on camera and would soon go viral on Facebook page, Ang Diary ng Babae.

The photos were uploaded on the page last December 28 and would soon receive thousands of likes and reactions on the page.

The young lady would be identified as Veronica Rodillas, with netizens praising the young lady not just for her beauty but for her kindness after learning that she sells sampaguita to help her parents.

According to PTAMA.net, the young lady had also gone viral on Facebook page, Usapang Kalye. In the post, it was revealed that Veronica started selling sampaguita garlands back when she was still 5 years old!

It turned out that the young woman comes from a broken family. When her father and mother broke up while she was still very young, her mother decided to raise her alone in Manila. They left their province to find a better life in Manila.

But like many Filipinos who left their hometowns to find good fortune in Manila, life was not easy on Veronica and her mother. Thus, she helps her mother sell sampaguita.

Now 14 years old, Veronica is a second-year high school student at Araullo High School in Ermita, Manila.

Knowing that there are more people who go to Quiapo Church on Fridays, she would wake up early and help her mother sell sampaguita before heading off to school at 11AM. But she also helps out on other days.

Is there a chance she’ll be as famous as the Badjao Girl?

Image credits: PTAMA.net, Facebook / Diary Ng Babae