GoPro Video Shows German Shepherd’s View of Pool Party

A GoPro camera beautifully captured the view of a pool party from the perspective of a four-year-old dog.

Early this year, Keith Knittel and Ashley Brown’s German Shepherd Lola became a YouTube star after the couple uploaded a GoPro video showing a what a day in a dog’s life looks like. The video amassed more than 2 million views on YouTube.

This time, the couple opted to show Lola’s view of Ohio’s Lakewood Dog Park’s Puppy Plunge. The pool party where both humans and dogs can take a dip is held at the end of every summer season.

In the video, Lola seemed a bit anxious in joining the gang of swimmers in the pool. It only took a matter of time before the dog decided to take the plunge and explore a whole new world. Viewers get to see Lola make new friends, fetch tennis balls, and make plenty of splashes.

The highlight of the video shows Lola jumping off a diving board.

“Jumping off was kind of an accident though. She saw a tennis ball, got excited, lost her balance and kerplunked in the water,” Brown told AOL.

Although Lola didn’t completely understand the concept of a diving board, it looks like she had a great day at the pool.

Check out the awesome GoPro video below.

Characteristics of German Shepherd Dogs

Described as active and intelligent, German Shepherd dogs require daily mental and physical daily exercise, according to DogTime.

These dogs feel anxious or bored when left for long periods of time and may express their worry through chewing, barking, and digging.

Since German Shepherd dogs can be suspicious of strangers, it is important that they undergo obedience training. Moreover, they must be kept busy working, learning, and plahing.

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