Girl Writes Bittersweet Eulogy to Ex-BF Who Remained a Wonderful Friend Until His Last Breath

Are you friends with your ex? While many of us eventually reach a stage where we have become civil or even friends again with an ex, there are many who remain hostile for various reasons. We could not blame them, of course, as they do have their own explanations but such could only amplify the amazement we feel in those who managed to overcome their differences and become good friends!

Such is what we feel in this bittersweet love story of Charlene De Guzman and the late Reeves Gueco Sabangan, her ex-boyfriend who remained a wonderful friend until his last breath.

In a heartbreaking post on Facebook, Charlene detailed how she and Reeves met and chatted on Facebook (though he admitted to having previously seen her a number of times in their school) on January 1, 2014. Valentine’s Day of 2014 was special for them since it was the time Reeves confessed that he had feelings for her.

They would become a couple the following month – and Charlene was amazed at how thoughtful and awesome a boyfriend he could be, allowing her to “control” the relationship the way she wanted it to go even if it meant breaking up in May (Charlene’s idea) to follow the “3 months rule” of their favorite movie, One More Chance.

They got back together exactly 3 months after breaking up but eventually broke up again because of reasons Charlene admitted were hers, not his. Amazingly, though, they remained good friends even if they did not get back together as a couple anymore.

On January 26, 2016, Charlene suddenly had the urge to visit the ICU of a hospital where Reeves had been confined as he tried to recuperate so they can possibly have their happy ending (in a wedding?). They had fun while, sort of, rekindling their relationship and talking about the good old times.

While waiting for their dinner to arrive, Reeves apologized to Charlene. Little did she know that it was not merely an apology for his sleeping earlier than he wanted to but a sorry for giving up and feeling tired of battling the lymphoma that had been messing up with his life…

Read Charlene’s heartbreaking story here:

Sino nga ba si Reeves Gueco Sabangan sa buhay ko?Sya yung lalaking chinat ko nung Jan 1, 2014. Pero ang diko alam lagi…

Posted by Charlene De Guzman on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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