Girl Tweets about Getting PWD ID for 300+ Eye Grade, Sparks Social Media Frenzy

A girl recently tweeted about getting a PWD ID for her poor eyesight, but the tweet sparked a social media frenzy that later had her deleting the post.

A lot of people have poor eyesight, especially with the advent of many gadgets that entice us to enjoy more screen time. But does having poor eyesight something that could get you extra privileges as a person with disability (PWD)?

In the Philippines, PWDs get to enjoy 20% discount on all medicines as well groceries. They also enjoy 20% discount on other transactions, including for plane fares and other public transportation. They even get a discount for tollway fees at that rate!

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Aside from that, they get priority or VIP parking in most places, priority lanes in all establishments (government offices and businesses), educational assistance, and extra opportunities for employment.

Such benefits are truly useful for our PWDs but while most people think PWDs are only those who have physical limitations, there are also people with certain ailments who qualify for this designation and the privileges that come with being a PWD.

Netizen @tokehang or keshylyne shared a photo of her PWD ID and purchase booklet issued by the Municipal Government of Taytay in Rizal.

Got my PWD card today! Filipinos who have 300+ eye grade are entitled for PWD privileges. Know your rights!!” she tweeted.

Understandably, a lot of people were quite surprised with this piece of news. After all, a lot of Filipinos have eye grade more than 300; does this mean that many people could have actually applied for the card?

After the post went viral, however, several doctors and optical clinics belied the claim. While visual impairment is certainly one of the categories for PWDs, not everyone with poor eyesight could just claim the card and its corresponding perks.

Hindi po basehan ang grado para mabigyan ng PWD ID. Ang basehan po ay ang visual acuity/visual field. Pakitandaan na ang visual impairment/disability ay hindi napapalinaw ng salamin at contact lenses,” clarified the Philippine Blind Union.

In short, only those with eyesight that could not be corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses are qualified for the PWD ID.

Photo credit: The Summit Express

In order to be qualified for a PWD (person with disability) ID card and its benefits, individuals with VISUAL DISABILITY must have 20/70 best corrected visual acuity on the better eye to be labeled LOW VISION, and 20/200 visual acuity on the better eye to be labeled LEGALLY BLIND,” clarified St. Luke’s Eye Institute Global City.

The young lady has since deleted her tweet but screenshots have already been shared on social media.

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