Girl Tells Incredible Stories of Her Lucid Dreams While in Coma

Placed in a medically induced coma for two weeks, a girl named Claire experienced lucid dreams that were so vividly real she could actually recall a lot of them. What made the experience even more profound is that she would later learn these had a connection with what was happening around her at the time she was dreaming.

According to Claire in a video she would later post on her YouTube channel, The Clairity Project, conversations of people around her actually entered her mind but her brain twists these in incredible ways. For instance, while her stepmom and nanny were talking, she imagined they were all in this all-girls’ camp – and she was actually conversing with them, not just listening to what they were talking about!

She also noticed, in retrospect, how her dreams would take on beautiful scenery in peaceful places if they were with people she knew, people she loved. However, if the conversations were those of people she was afraid of or did not know, the scenery was dark or uncomfortable.

But Claire’s favorite lucid dreams involved Alaska, a place she had never visited in her life yet kept coming back in various moments. She would be sitting on the beach or watching deer lying on the grass in the beautiful Alaskan landscape. Sometimes, she would be happily freezing in the snow. She would later learn she was being packed with ice bags during those Alaskan episodes to lower her high fever.

It is incredible how Claire was able to vividly remember those stunning dreams and get to talk about them after she wakes up. It makes us wonder what other patients in coma could be dreaming about while they are under.

Watch this interesting story unfold in this video:

Medically Induced Coma

A medically induced coma is a deep state of unconsciousness a patient is made to undergo to help protect the brain during and after a major neurosurgery. The state is induced using barbiturates which are also known to be hallucinogens; thus, it was not very surprising that Claire dreamed those vivid scenes yet her stories were so amazing that her video quickly went viral on YouTube.

The rationale for this type of coma is that, according to Wikipedia, the drugs help reduce cerebral blood flow and the metabolic rate of brain tissue, ensuring a reduction in intracranial pressure.

It is believed that this helps prevent brain damage; though controversy exists as to the benefits of barbiturates with some proponents arguing this type of coma does not necessarily prevent brain damage and that some randomized trials supposedly show there is no significant difference or huge benefit in terms of survival in certain diverse conditions like those involving intracranial hemorrhage and head trauma.

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