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Girl Orders Pretty Prom Dress Online But Receives Something Ugly

Girls look forward to proms the same way kids anticipate Christmas. Besides, prom is a wonderful time to socialize with friends and, of course, wear a glamorous prom dress.

Instead of visiting local stores, Colorado teenager Juliet Jacoby and her mom decided to use the internet to shop for the perfect dress. She eventually found an attractive dress but unfortunately, it was being sold for $149 which, of course, was too costly for a dress.

Much to her delight though, her mom later found a similar version of the dress and it was sold for only $35.

Photo credit: Juliet Jacoby
Photo credit: Juliet Jacoby

As you can expect, they immediately placed an order. They, however, did not receive the dress on the mail until about two weeks. Furthermore, they were both disappointed with what they got when the shipment finally arrived.

Photo credit: Juliet Jacoby
Photo credit: Juliet Jacoby

Juliet told Seventeen:

“When I opened the package, I gasped and was shocked by how ugly it was. I cursed a little, and I was floored on how it looked nothing like the picture I saw!… I FaceTimed my friend and she laughed because it was so ugly.”

The experience would have easily traumatized any teen but fortunately, Juliet had a good sense of humor. She even did a little photo shoot wearing the awful dress and then posted the images on Twitter. The tweet eventually gained popularity online, receiving 735 retweets and 1,508 likes as of this writing.

Photo credit: Juliet Jacoby
Photo credit: Juliet Jacoby

Juliet, of course, has said she wouldn’t be wearing the dress on her prom.

“I tried the dress on and the zipper was broken… I waited in front of the garage door to see what my mom’s reaction was, and all she did was stand there with the most shocked face for about five seconds, then burst out laughing. My dad said I could still wear it to prom, but I was like, hell to the no! I will not wear this to prom.”

What’s her take away from the entire fiasco?

“I have learned my lesson and will probably not trust a lot of the online websites for prom dresses,” Juliet shared.