Girl Meets Accident Before First Date with Online BF, But He Decides to Care for Her Forever

They met online and had been chatting for 7 months before they finally decided to meet up. But as fate would have it, the girl met a bad accident before their first date. Instead of running away, the guy decided to care for her forever!

It was in July 2015 that Narawut Phongyen and Patcharaphan Lenkham met each other on social media. Just like many online couples, they readily professed their love for each other and would sometimes have video calls or just chat up with each other.

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By February 2016, some 7 months after first meeting online, the couple finally decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level by going on a first date. Narawut excitedly booked a restaurant for their first date, but it never happened because days before the big day, Patcharaphan met an accident.

The accident caused a herniated disc that led to Patcharaphan losing her ability to move her body from the neck down. Her thumb is the only thing she could move, but that was also a difficult thing for her to do.

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He still had not met Patcharaphan in person; he could have easily just left her life, but Narawut was truly in love with his online girlfriend. Upon learning about the accident, he called the restaurant to cancel the booking before rushing to where she was confined.

Their first meeting wasn’t the least bit romantic but Narawut promised to care for her forever, not out of pity but because of love.

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Instead of leaving, Narawut moved to Patcharaphan’s house to take care of her, as promised! He bathes Patcharaphan, feeds her, and even washes her clothes and cleans the house!

To support their needs, Narawut also continued working but would often go home during his break time to feed Patcharaphan and attend to her needs. What a dedicated boyfriend!

Very supportive of Patcharaphan, Narawut also helps her through her physiotherapy sessions. He promised Patcharaphan and her family that once she walks again, he would propose and they would have a big wedding.

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Amazingly, he’s been Patcharaphan’s primary caregiver for 3 years now – and he is still around, still lovingly caring for his girl. Netizens are hoping Patcharaphan will be better again so the two could finally get that wedding they both so greatly deserve…

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