Girl Hold-Upped And Dragged By Hailed Taxi Driver In Quezon City

A lot of people choose to ride taxis so they will have less hassle and they will have a more comfortable ride, instead of riding more than one jeepney to go to their destination.

However, not all taxi drivers are nice. Sometimes, unfortunately, people unluckily hail the wrong taxi that puts their lives in danger.

A Facebook post by Jhen Mulo is being shared around now. In her post, she shared how she hailed a taxi at around 12 near Del Monte in Quezon City. She wasn’t thinking about the danger that she may face. All she was thinking about is that it is more comfortable to go to her destination in a taxi.

Then it started

They went along D.Tuazon street, but when they reached Speaker Perez corner Dapitan the driver stopped and said he has to pee. Jhen still didn’t feel anything wrong by then.

But the driver suddenly opened her door and said “Dito na!”

She was even able to reply, “Anong dito na?! Pureza pa ko Kuya ang layo pa neto?”

Hold up

That was when the man declared that it was a holdup. He snatched Jhen’s bag, but her instinct was to pull the bag back. She said she didn’t know why she didn’t just let it go, but her body’s first response was to fight back.

So fight, she did. She fought back and it resulted in her being pulled out of the taxi.

The man rode the driver’s seat but she is still holding her bag and another arm is on the steering wheel.

The ordeal



Instead of letting go, the man drove off, resulting in Jhen being dragged along with the car until she let go.



The driver was able to take her bag where all her ID’s, uniform, keys, passport, ATM, and even her wallet.



Luckily, her cellphone was in her pocket that’s why she was able to call for help.

Along with her post are photos of her bruises and the taxi’s plate number that she was able to capture.



We hope this taxi driver gets caught for what he did.