Girl Had Her Hair Hacked Off In An Unflattering Way And The Internet Is Guessing The Reason Why

Women generally invest a lot in taking care of their hair. As our hair is our crowning glory, everybody does everything for it to be always beautiful.

One passenger in a Malaysian train station is the content of a viral photo that is roaming the social media.

Hair 2


In a post, a Facebook user named Kang Jonathan posted 2 photos of her friend. The girl in the photo appears to have a chunk out of her hair cut off in a not so flattering way.

Creepy Stranger

In the post, Kang claimed that her friend was a victim of a creepy stranger who hacked a chunk of her hair, put it in his pocket and ran away fast before her friend even had the chance to look at him.

Hair 1


Can you imagine the horror of having the crowning glory that you care for so much get hacked just like that? In a way when you can’t even get justice for it?

Aww, poor girl.

Pervert, Revenge, Or Prank?

Some comments in the post guessed that the man who took the hair is a pervert and took the hair for his own reasons. *shudders!*

Somebody also suggested that the girl might be flipping her hair on her back and someone found it a nuisance that’s why he cut it. He knows it’s wrong that’s why he ran.

One comment, on the other hand, suggested that this might be a prank or a post fishing for shared and likes because the girl in the photo seems to be sitting in a place that looks like a salon. So he thinks that maybe they just hacked the middle part off and took a photo.

Last word

To the one who said this might be a prank. I don’t believe your reason, sitting on a salon stool does not guarantee that you’re pranking. If you got your hair hacked off, wouldn’t you be running to your nearest salon to have it fixed?

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