Girl Expresses Gratitude for Receiving Surprise Gifts from Mom after She Ran Away

Have you ever tried running away from home because you were angry or too sad after a fight with your parents?

A lot of young people have done that – and many have, thankfully, gotten back home in one piece, safe and sound. Sadly, there were those who got raped or kidnapped while they were away from home! Most return home but were greeted by angry words from parents who were understandably worried as well as angry over the young one’s actions.

But one girl shared the experience of receiving a wonderful surprise when she returned home after running away.

Photo credit: Jana Bernardino Lambito / Facebook

Jana Bernardino Lambito shares on Facebook a photo of various items she received from her mother and aunt who sent various imported goods to her, giving her the surprise of a lifetime when she returned home.

Much like the ‘Prodigal Son’, this prodigal daughter was welcomed home with open arms. She received imported perfumes, a watch, branded bag and footwear, clothes, and money – but the best surprise there was a brand new iPhone 7!

Lambito’s post quickly went viral, receiving over 54k reactions and 47k shares mere 2 days after she posted the photo. Many netizens were amazed that she would receive such great items considering that she ran away. A lot wondered if perhaps these were ‘bribe’ so she would get back home?

Others lamented why their parents didn’t do the same when they ran away back in their younger days because when they went back home, they found that their stuff were thrown out of the house instead. LOL.

We wonder if these people were joking but we were certainly in awe with what Lambito received from her mother.

Have you experienced the same thing?