Girl Carries Autistic Schoolmate on Her Back to Protect from the Rain

Being kind does not cost you a thing, yet it could mean the world to another person!

One girl recently went viral for a wonderful act of kindness for an autistic schoolmate. A teacher noticed her kind deed and took a video to share on an autism awareness page. Quite understandably, the video went viral on the Facebook page.

It was raining heavily and Maslika Ramli, a teacher, was riding a car. The teacher knew both students and was surprised when the older one offered to carry her autistic classmate on her back to protect her from the rain.

Photo credit: Autisme Malaysia – Facebook / Maslika Ramli

While the younger student was riding on her back, the older student also carried an umbrella to make sure they both won’t get wet.

Impressed by what she witnessed, the teacher quickly whipped out her phone to take a video of the lovely moment.

I’m sharing this video because I want parents of children with special needs to be confident and believe that there are people who will look out for your kids,” Teacher Maslika wrote on her post on the Facebook Group called “Autisme Malaysia”.

Truly, they are Allah’s gift to us all, helping us in any way they can.

Photo credit: Autisme Malaysia – Facebook / Maslika Ramli

While the teacher did not name both students, many netizens hoped that the older girl will be honored for her kind deed. Others agreed, saying she’s truly an inspiration to many, especially in this generation that’s often described as selfish and entitled.

Here’s the heartwarming video:

What is Entitlement?

It is a sad reality that many of the young ones from this generation have a feeling of entitlement. This means that they feel that they have the right to something and that they deserve special treatment for everything because they are special.

Many blame this on busy, less strict parents who believe that kids should be treated as adults and given everything they need, but others say that this is just something they pick up from their peers.