Giant Plastic Bags for “Flood-Proofing” Cars Get Sold Out

Floods are a common problem in Asia and many parts of the world, destroying houses, cars, farms, and various properties. Amazingly, there are now giant plastic bags being sold for “flood-proofing” cars – and it’s not surprising that they’re also getting sold out almost as soon as they’re posted! Whoa.

“Flood-Proofing” Cars with Giant Plastic Bags

Many insurance companies cover acts of nature, such as floods and landslides. But it’s still going to be such a hassle to get your car fixed after it got flooded in.

A lot of cars become unusable after getting flooded in, or you might have to wait a long time for it to get fixed.

In Malaysia, giant plastic bags are getting sold out – and they cost around RM199 to RM499 each ($47 to $120).

These bags might be expensive, but if they do work, then they take a lot of hassle, heartaches, and expenses off your shoulder after a flood! Of course, that’s hoping you got your car properly wrapped and it didn’t get carried away by the rushing waters.

The giant plastic bags may be a bit tricky to use, and would need at least three people to get the task done. But many believe that the hassle is worth it, if their car is saved.

Two people keep one end of the bag open while the third one drives the vehicle in place. Then, after the driver is out, they carefully tie the ends of the bag, ensuring that there aren’t any leaks.

Just make sure that you put the bag and the vehicle at the proper parking spot because it can be difficult to move it later on.

Do you think this giant plastic bag is worth your money? Well, many people think so.

Sizes for Giant Plastic Bag for Flood-Proofing Cars

These are some of the sizes available from an online seller in Malaysia:

  • SS – 400 CM X 600CM X 0.12 MM/4 kg – RM199 per set ($47)
  • S – 670CM X 800CM X 0.13MM /6 kg – RM299 per set ($71)
  • M – 750CM X 900CM X 0.13MM/8 kg – RM399 per set ($95)
  • L – 750CM X 1000CM X0.15MM /10kg – RM499 per set ($120)
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