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‘Ghost’ Reappears Four Times in Dark Road, Scares Travelers

A month ago, actress Myrtle Sarrosa shared a rather scary experience she had while traveling in Tacloban, Philippines wherein they encountered what they could only believe as a ghost because the boy appeared in the street in the middle of nowhere, but the dashcam only showed a bundle of light.

Recently, another video has gone viral. It featured a similar theme but was scarier in that the ‘ghost’ in the video appeared to be well-defined and that it appeared four times in the dark road as the travelers continued their trip.

Photo credit: Denaihati Network / Facebook

The incident appeared to happen someplace outside the Philippines but the exact location is unknown as of press time.

According to the video caption, the incident happened at around 3:24AM on March 28, 2018. The clip was obviously taken by a dashcam.

In the video, the vehicle was passing through a rather dark road when a woman in red dress was seen at the side of the street. Now, it was dark and already dawn but the woman’s first appearance didn’t seem alarming; though you might notice that while her dress was well-defined, it’s hard to see her body parts, even her head and arms.

But as the travelers continued on the road, the same woman appeared again. She was still walking away from the vehicle and was at the side of the road but this was already quite alarming. If she didn’t scare the travelers (or the viewers) during her first appearance on the road, her second appearance was certainly creepy.

Photo credit: Denaihati Network / Facebook

The travelers chose to ignore the sight, continuing on the road but a few meters later, the woman in red was there again! Creepy.

Again, they continued but the fourth appearance was the creepiest because she was now walking in the middle of the road. Her gait was very slow and somewhat zombie-like. The scared travelers backed away from her, reversing on the road.

Some people think this is just the same woman and the travelers were going in circles or that there were four ladies dressed in the same manner but most think this was a ghost carrying some sort of warning to these travelers… What do you think?

Posted by Denaihati Network on Wednesday, 28 March 2018

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