Gadgets Keep You Awake at Night Even if You’re Not Using It

We all know that gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and computers can keep us up all night if we don’t put it down. But a new research published in JAMA Pediatrics revealed that electronic devices can disrupt our normal sleep cycle whether or not they’re being used.

Dr. Ben Carter of King’s College London and his colleagues looked into hundreds of past researchers that examined the effects of electronic devices on the sleeping patterns of kids and adolescents, aged 6 to 19 years old.


According to Dr. Ben Carter, there was “strong and consistent association” between use of electronic devices before bedtime and sleeping problems. Based on their findings, the content of the devices can be psychologically stimulating to keep you awake at ungodly hours.

They also discovered that light and sound emitted by gadgets can have negative effects on the body’s alertness and natural sleep cycle.Moreover, the research found that 72% of children and 80% of adolescents keep one of these devices near their sleep environment, making it a cause of concern.

The study concluded: “Bedtime access to and use of a media device were significantly associated with the following: inadequate sleep quantity, poor sleep quality, and excessive daytime sleepiness.”

The study authors suggest kids, parents, teachers and health care professionals be educated about the damaging effects of device use on sleep.

5 Negative Effects of Cellphone on Your Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mobile phones transmit radio waves through a series of base stations where radio frequency waves are electromagnetic fields that can’t break chemical bonds or cause ionization in the human body.

Here are some reasons why cellphones are bad for your health.

  1. It negatively affects emotions.
  2. It increases levels of stress.
  3. It increases risks of illnesses in your immune system.
  4. It increases risk of chronic pain.
  5. It increases risk of eye vision problem.