Funny Video: The “Crazy” Dancing Daughter and Her Poker-Faced Mom

Whether you are headed to a vacation destination or just to work, a long drive to somewhere can be quite boring; thus, a lot of people have learned to cope by doing stuff like watching movies, talking with their friends on the phone, singing, and even dancing! Here’s one important note if you plan on doing that: make sure someone else is on the wheel, of course!

Now, there is this hilarious video uploaded by user Isla the Great on YouTube, showing the young woman going crazy with funky dance moves to the beat of “Hustle” by Van McCoy and “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.

We’re not sure whether she is practicing for a performance or was merely having fun in the passenger seat but Isla the Great captured the people’s attention with her crazy dance moves. But mind you, she was not the only one getting the spotlight that day…

Isla’s mom was driving but would sometimes glance towards her daughter or the camera. The older woman did not get angry at Isla’s crazy dance nor did she smile and make proud gestures like moms (of young kids, anyway) are supposed to do when their kids are doing something fun.

Throughout Isla’s enthusiastic “performance”, her mother never cracked a smile. Her facial expression never changed! We could only guess what was actually going through her mind while she concentrated on the road as her daughter made crazy moves beside her.

Watch the hilarious video here:

Poker Face

The term “poker face” is used to mean a blank expression on someone’s face – whether he/she was playing the card game poker or not. The term does have its roots on poker as players of the game need to keep a straight face else their opponents deduce that they were bluffing or had an excellent set of cards for the match.

In poker, the players know that it is important to maintain their composure at all times; thus, they try their best to deliberately induce the blank, expressionless face that was later called the poker face.

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