Funny Video: Sumo Wrestlers Run On The Race Track

Whether you are a fun of sumo wrestling or not, you’ll probably find this video hilarious.

We all know sumo wrestlers as those huge Japanese guys who wear very little clothing. These fighters battle it out on the squared circle. The video below though, shows us an interesting twist. Instead of pitting them against each other in a ring, they were instead placed on a race track so they can prove who’s the best – by running!

So the three wrestlers namely Kento Amakaze, Tatsuaki Kaiho, and Kanata Takatenshu, test their capabilities on the track in an attempt to outdo one another. The result, as you can guess, is absolutely funny.

As the video description tells us:

“This was a real clash of the Titans as three sumo wrestlers swapped the squared circle for the running track. Despite their massive bulk – each weighing around 30 stone – the three wrestlers are surprisingly light on their feet as they go head to head.”

Go hit the play button here:

The 3-runner contest immediately went popular online, gaining over 6 thousand views on YouTube after being uploaded just 5 days ago. The video has definitely gained the laughter and even the admiration of many.

How Do Sumo Wrestlers Bulk Up?

Sumo wrestlers usually consume two 20,000-calorie meals per day. Most of the time, the wrestlers prefer eating chankonabe, a stew food that contains fish, meat, vegetables, tofu, and many other ingredients. Along with the stew, the wrestlers eat 5 to 10 bowls of rice as well as drink large amounts of beer to put on more pounds.

They also follow an extensive workout and exercise plan to achieve their desired body and increase their strength at the same time.

Finally, sumo wrestlers live in a training center called stables where the stable master, a retired sumo wrestler himself, trains them to reach their full potential.

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