Funny Video: Crazy Things Happen When You Leave Your Phone Unattended

In a comedic sketch that has since gone viral, Cameo Bros creates a funny spoof of a careless man with a huge bank account.

This video will give you one good reason why you should never leave your phone unattended and lying around – especially if you are in a public place with potential pranksters present, such as in a gym’s locker room.

It seems that the man in the video has a lot of money but was careless enough to leave his phone at a gym’s locker room where it was picked up by what turns out to be a prankster. When the phone rang, the man picked it up and answered.

Eavesdroppers were amazed at this man’s apparent generosity to his loving wife who happened to be at the mall, shopping for a very expensive Hermes bag. Then, he approved her purchase of a BMW car, adding she should get it pimped up.

But the most expensive purchase of the day was their dream house! Knowing he had the funds on his bank account, the wife tried to gently tell him the home was for sale – and he quickly agreed they should buy it!

After the two said goodbye, the real owner arrives! Uh oh!

Check out the funny video here:

Hermes Bags

In the world of fashion, Hermes bags are among the favorite choices for celebrities and other famous people. After all, these trendy bags are very expensive – thus, these are often seen as a status symbol. Only rich people have enough money to buy these ultra-expensive bags.

According to, six of seven the most expensive bags ever sold in an auction were Hermes bags! And before you laugh at us for taking notice of something as common as a bag, you might want to check out their prices: because these “ordinary” items are actually more expensive than cars!

One of these bags rocked the records of the auction world, selling for $221,844 at an auction in Hong Kong last June 1, 2015! Incredible, isn’t it? This piece was a diamond-studded pink crocodile Hermès Birkin.

This pink piece broke the record held by another Hermes bag previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor. That bag was sold at an auction in 2011 for $218,500.